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582       "                      SKELETON  OF ORANG                             CHAP.

The name Orang-Titan, now applied exclusively to the subject
of the present description, was formerly applied also to the
Chimpanzee, and to that animal, moreover, under the latinised
version of Homo sylvestris. The Orang is a large and heavy Ape
with a particularly protuberant belly and a melancholy expression.
The face of the old male is broadened by a kind of callous expan-
sion of naked skin at the sides. The colour of the animal is a

FIG. 279.—Skeleton of Oraug.    Svmia, satyrus*    (After de Blainville.)
yellow brown, varying in the exact shade. The ears are parti-
cularly small and graceful in appearance, pressed closely to the
sides of the head. The head is very brachycephalic. The arms
are very long, and when the animal is in the erect posture they
reach as far as the ankle. The hallux is very short and usually
destitute of a nail. It is a curious fact that the head of the thigh
bone is unattached by a ligament to the socket of the pelvis in
which it articulates, a state of affairs which, may give the limb
greater freedom in movement, but does not add to its strength ;